I am with Niume for quite some time now. Great idea and it strives as deserved.

Will I change some stuff? Yes, but just for my own needs. For example, I would love to have more flexibility in designing my post.

Different people, different needs.

Some write an article, because they just loving it, they have something to say. Others do pictures, but they don’t like writing. I can understand, I am a photographer, I want my pictures to tell the story, not me.

Niume is blogging platform, not personal portfolio showroom. Go to Flickr or 500px if you do not like writing.

Blogging is a discipline that requires written content + video/audio/image content.

To me personally an article suppose to give  rather take something. Posting only a photograph is more of taking, don’t you think?

What are Niume’s content guidelines?

  • You are not allowed to copy content and paste content from other websites or blogs unless you have explicit permission to do so or own the website or blog in question. Good, but I am not completely clear on the ask.
  • It should have a minimum of 5 lines of text. Fair to me. I would also recommend to have those min 5 lines meaningful and relevant.
  • Your post must be relevant to the sphere you are posting it in. And yes and no, yes because it make sense until you have a challenge. And the challenge is, where should I put this article. You can not choose more then one sphere, right ? I have tonnes of readers in Photography, but not in Interesting sphere. I want to reach out to larger audience, which is natural. So now I have to add Photographers on the subject and keep my article focused on Photography. Doable, and yet challenge.
  • Your post should not be of a commercial nature (i.e: asking our users to buy or use a product or service). Totally agree, nobody want this this platform to become a shop.
  • If the content you are posting isn’t yours make sure to add a reference to the original source. Good
  • If the content you are posting isn’t yours make sure to add a reference to the original source.
  • Your post shouldn’t be of a derogatory or offensive nature, or contain nudity.
  • Your post must be in English.
  • No blogspam: When reposting from other blogs try to copy the entire content. You should quote your sources but click baits are not allowed.  All good 

Have a great light!

Arman Ayva

Founder meetforproject.net